Monday, 22 December 2008

First ever blog post!

Hiya friends. I said that I would regularly update you all on my life and experiences living here in London. I lied. I broke my word. And I am sorry.
I'm really terrible at documenting anything...I don't keep a diary, I very infrequently take pictures, and I'm usually pretty bad at staying in touch with people. Unacceptable.
A good friend named Laura Clark asked me to start a blog so she could see what I was doing. I told her my problem with documenting my life, and she said I should keep it simple, set a concrete goal for each post, and I would be fine.

Her challenge: summarize every day of my life in London in 12 words exactly.
That sounds like exactly the kind of blogging I can handle. Of course, if 12 words aren't enough, anyone reading this can ALWAYS contact me to find out anything else I'm up to. Facebook, email, phone, snail mail, it all works, and it all works well.

To catch you all up:
I'm living in London as part of BUNAC's "Work in Britain" program, which allows recent college graduates who are currently aimless in their lives to pack up and move to the UK to find a random job that will divert their minds from their actual futures for 6 months.
So far, it's working!
I live in a flat in East London with 3 funny and quirky British guys named Dave, Matt, and Aziz.
I work at the Gap in a VERY touristy part of the city, but my bosses like me, and my coworkers are very fun.
Before I started my job and living situation, I traveled to Budapest, Prague, and the Black Forest of Germany.
Pictures of that trip are on facebook.
I have also spent a weekend in Amsterdam and Paris since I have been living in London.

I think you should be all caught up by now.
The 12-word posts begin now.
I will REALLY try to put one up every day. Unfortunately, my word is no longer worth much, but I will try my hardest, and that's really all that I can do.


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